PRODUCT REVIEW – SimpleSENCE™ Leak Detection System

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It’s a problem nobody wants to have, but so many do – water leaks that can cause expensive damage in your home or business.  Whether you live near a river, on the back of a hill, in a low-lying area, or anywhere subject to heavy thunderstorms or severe thaws, you may end up with water somewhere you don’t want it.  Maybe you have an older water heater with a tank, pipes in an area that might be too exposed to freezing air, or areas with older plumbing, these are also potential areas of risk. And fixing water damage can cost thousands.

For me, it’s the endless battle of the sump pump vs. monsoon-like thunderstorms.  Sometimes rain is coming into my basement so fast (especially in early spring when snow is melting and the ground is still frozen) that I get water overflowing my sump pump because the ¾ HP pump just can’t keep up with the deluge.  In that case, I have to run a second pump to pump the excess water out the window of the basement so it doesn’t flood. Sometimes this situation happens when I’m at the office, or in the middle of the night and I’m asleep upstairs. I need to know when the water starts coming in, so I can stop it quickly before damage occurs.

So when I first heard about SimpleSENCE™ leak detection system, I had them send me one to test.

It comes very compactly in this small box, complete with detailed setup instructions to connect it to your phone and wifi.

You just download the app (available at the AppleStore and GooglePlay), connect the detector to your wifi, and you should be ready to go in minutes.

It’s very small and looks much like a computer mouse.  You just place it in the problem area, and name it, so you know where you put it. Mine is SumpPump, of course. You can also have multiple detectors in various spots in your home or office to pinpoint where the leak is coming from if you have several areas that leak.  (I am fortunate to just have the one.)

It also monitors temperature variations in case you have pipes that are in danger of freezing.  The unit can alert you to those issues as well.  You just have to set up the alerts through the app.

After some initial issues caused by overzealous security protections on my home wifi, everything connected perfectly with the simple instructions accompanying the unit, and I was able to conduct a test on the floor of my basement by spraying the unit with water from a squirt bottle.  It works with just that small amount of moisture.

The unit immediately texted my phone.  And I saw an alert that looked just about like the one pictured.

I dried up the water near the unit and it told me I was all clear.

That is literally all it took. This thing works like a dream and will greatly add to my peace of mind come the next severe storm or thaw.

You can purchase SimpleSENSE™ through their website Or you can find it at many hardware stores and home improvement centers throughout North America.

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