Eros Keros villas: Koufonisia’s little secret!

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My next stop was a tiny island near Naxos called Koufonisi, an island that reminds me of Seychelles due to its sandy beaches and unpretentious cool vibes! There, I had the pleasure to experience some very secluded and private villas, called Eros Keros, that are a part of the White Line hotels or The Aficionados, as named currently.

History has it that Eros, son of Chaos and the primeval god of love and passion, decided to find the most kind-hearted and open-minded people. He wanted to inspire them with a sweet passion for creativity and art. To find the epicenter for his endeavor, Eros spread his wings and hovered over land and sea. His curiosity drew him towards a complex of multifarious islands that laid in a perfect ellipse in the middle of the capricious sea where Poseidon had transformed the Oceanids into rocks when they provoked his rage. Near the middle of this “Cycladic” formation a small island in the shape of a reclining woman resting together with a man caught his eye. He loitered around this natural sculpture carved on near-spotless white marble. Here, people were vibrant with clear, kind, smiling faces and capable hands – their crafts blended with the islet without disturbing its natural beauty. Eros was enchanted by the warmth and the sensation transmitted by the islet. And he bequeathed the best of his inspiration for elaborate and distinguished artwork to its people. In his overwhelming compulsion to clone himself, he named the island “Keros.” And this is how the owners of the villas were inspired to name their property after. 

Eros Keros is a small complex of four cubic luxurious, yet very distinctive traditional villas. Heirlooms, carved wooden furniture, hand produced Greek amenities, aethereal space and a magnificent view of Italida beach, Keros island and Kato Koufonisi are what makes them unique. On the property, the owners have built an infinity pool which overlooks the amazing Cycladic sights of the Aegean Sea. In the courtyard, pieces from another era lie all around. An old fountain, iron made craft, carved stones and many more travel you back in time and give you a sense of history and tradition. My favorite time of the day was every morning, that the kindest Philippino’s served us breakfast in the most unique way ever, at the porch of the villa. To be more specific, they brought us a cotton olive handmade bag designed from our beautiful hostess, with fresh milk and orange juice in glass bottles, local cheese, traditional Greek bread, healthy yoghurt and vitamin infused fruit. Eating that and overlooking the bay was all we needed to start our day. 

Authenticity and serenity at this peaceful location are what Eros Keros is all about. In the villas one can also see the yellow windows that are inspired by the Greek Cathedrals. The fabrics used inside are all picked one by one, with great research and care. Some of them are even hanging on the walls in the form of paintings. The aroma of the place is quite invigorating. Oregano, Thyme and other precious herbs are cultivated on premise. 

Some of my favorite stores on the island of Koufonisi are To Perasma, Galleria Spigolo and Ermis Shop. Most of the times I chose to eat at an amazing fresh fish restaurant named Capetan Nikolas. I also enjoyed Mikres Cyclades and Guacamole for my dinners while on the island. A must visit place is the Kato Koufonisi island, where campers go for the past three decades. Some of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters are Italida, Pori and Gala!

Our Greek Seychelles are called Koufonisia and you must put them on your bucket list! Eros the god of art and love will be expecting you … 

Photos: Stefanos Samios

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