Adrenaline Mountain Extreme Adventure Park Review – Unique Excitement

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You are coming to Las Vegas – or you live here – and want to have some excitement. That usually means shows and night clubs. But what if they are shut down? Or what if you are looking for something out of the ordinary? This is a great time to visit Adrenaline Mountain Extreme Entertainment Complex. It lives up to its name. 

Adrenaline Mountain is situated in the desert outside of Good Springs, Nevada about 20 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip. It could be called a 400 acre giant man-cave which offers a variety of extreme activities in one fantastic open air location. Wanna beat the heat? It is 2500 feet higher than the strip and ten degrees cooler year round. It is a fun, fascinating, and exciting place to visit.

My wife Dianne and I recently spent an invigorating afternoon exploring this action park for adults. We quickly discovered why it is called Adrenaline Mountain. The activities are much more stimulating than a round of golf and are designed for excitement.

Photo courtesy Adrenaline Mountain

Tour in an ATV

We started off with a tour of the area in an ATV. These vehicles are designed to transport us up and down the hills in the area. Drivers and guests must wear crash helmets and an instructor or guide is required to be in the lead vehicle. The extended tour of the area includes a drive to the peak of Mt Potosi, a spot that is famous because it is where a plane carrying actress Carol Lombard crashed in1942.

If a four passenger ATV is too small for you, then drive a Monster Truck on a course built for these huge vehicles. Photo by Dianne Davis

Photo by Dianne Davis

I had never operated a giant earth moving machine until I visited Adrenaline Mountain.  I mean, how many people get a chance to do that. My goodness, they are complicated to operate. Right hand here, left hand there. Fortunately, an instructor on wireless headset is there to let you know  how to move the levers to operate the truck’s huge shovel. After several attempts, I was able to scoop up, move, and dump a chunk of dirt. Gotta tell ya, it was a hoot.

Photo courtesy Adrenaline Mountain

If you really want a rush, for a few extra few bucks, Adrenaline Mountain can supply you with a old car that can be crushed with the shovel. Just like a scene from the movies “Goldfinger” or “Pulp Fiction”.



Photo by Burt Davis

Throw an Axe or shoot an Arrow


It was time for a simpler activity so we checked out the axe-throwing and archery ranges. The archery bows are first class – the same grade as those used in hunting. There’s even a crossbow. Throwing an axe at a target is a good way to release frustrations.



Photo by Dianne Davis

Photo by Dianne Davis

Shooting a rifle or pistol is a lot more involved than throwing an axe. At the Shoot Las Vegas part of Adrenaline Mountain, participants can choose from a selection of more than 70 guns.

There are firearms ranging from simple Derringers to high velocity machine guns. Many of the available firearms are linked to famous persons or events. I enjoyed the posters with celebrities and their favorite guns. As example, you could choose to fire Dirty Harry’s pistol, John Wayne’s revolver or the sub machine gun used in the Valentine Day’s massacre.


Photo courtesy Adrenaline Mountain

Shooters enter a specially built climate controlled trailer accompanied by an expert instructor. Targets are strategically placed up to 400 yards away. If you wish, for a price, you can opt to shoot at a car that contains an explosive device.



Photo courtesy Adrenaline Mountain

BAM! It’s really cool to see a car being blown up when someone hits the proper target. And you know you’re going to want photographic proof of your experience so shooting stations are equipped with photo/video systems that take your picture or video as you shoot every gun… and it’s free.

A Unique Wedding

Photo courtesy Adrenaline Mountain

Getting married certainly is another kind of adrenaline rush. The park recently completed an outdoor wedding chapel complete with a view of Mt Potosi. It’s a great place for a shotgun – or any kind of – wedding. The park has officiants on call.

Guests can book one or several of the park’s activities. Details are found at Adrenaline Mountain. Free transportation is provided from The Strip or the nearby famous Pioneer Saloon.

Adrenaline Mountain is unique. I recommend a trip there to try out some of the regular and more extreme options. It’s like an amazing playground for adults. It is a great escape from usual tourist option and the mundane world.  And according to Adrenaline Mountain developer Eric Brashear, “There’s more to come”.

Intrigued? For more information check out Adrenaline Mountain. And while you’re on line, there’s a super awesome video.  Check out Adrenaline Mountain video.

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