Beleaf Cafe – A Sustainable Plant-Based Eatery in Century City Mall

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Plant-based lovers rejoice – there’s a new eatery in town! Beleaf Cafe recently opened in Century City Mall. There are many benefits to switching to an entirely plant-based diet, however it can be quite daunting. Thanks to Beleaf Cafe, they take care of all of the “thinking” and hard work for you!

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The eatery is located in the main food court, but is in a league of its own. Beleaf Cafe takes an innovative approach to guilt-free, healthy cuisine. Focused purely on plant-based sources, and made using the freshest organic or local produce, Beleaf Cafe is simply unbelievable.

I, by no means on a plant-based diet, however I do try to change my diet from time to time which means making the change to plant-based. Each item on the menu is infused with delicious sustainable ingredients and beyond craveable.

Some may think being 100% plant-based, the menu may be quite dull, however quite the contrary,  the menu is stacked! Composed of delicious burgers such as the Kale Burger (composed of a kale patty, thousand island, and topped with kale, purple cabbage, grilled onions, and avocado) or the Avocado Burger (composed of a baked sweet potato and lentil patty, topped with kale, cilantro avocado, avocado tahini dressing). Ordering a burger is a must!

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Other notable items were the nacho grande (composed of: chips, black beans, taco mix, cilantro dressing, onions, Israeli salad,  and salsa.) Equally, if not more, delicious as the burger these nachos are definitely not your average. Think of this as nachos with a “Mediterranean” touch.

As each day goes on, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with leading a healthy lifestyle and Beleaf Cafe could not have come at a more fitting time. By working with ingredients they believe in and vendors they trust, they are able to offer their customers food that is in line with their personal values and nutritional standards. Check it out for yourself!

Beleaf Cafe (inside Century City Mall)
10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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