H&R Block DIY Online Tax Products 2020 – Making the Task of Taxes Simple and Affordable

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When it comes to tax season, the name H & R Block immediately comes to mind with tax filers. Over 60 years in business and over 720 million tax returns prepared certainly give them credibility. H & R Block not only has a long history, but they also are always staying on top of the latest tax changes and are always making things easier for you, as with the H&R Block Online DIY products for 2019 tax filers.

H & R Block has made doing your taxes even easier with their Tax Pro Go. The annual meeting with the person who handles your taxes generally meant a trip to their office with a box of documents and a lengthy sit down meeting. The Tax Pro Go allows you to get the same great results in a way that saves you a lot of time and effort. H & R Block will set you up with a tax pro who not only can work with you based on whatever your unique situation might be, but they also with have expertise based on whatever state that you are residing or doing business in.

Your main task is uploading your tax documents and letting the H & R Block tax expert do their work. Once you have uploaded your documents, which is as easy as taking a picture or a click and drag of a document, you can set up a time to chat, call or send a message to ask any questions or to check on the status of your return. Finally once everything is finalized you will get a notice your returns are set to be signed and filed and once you sign off you are done with another year of taxes and you will leave the experience happy and will have experienced the least stressful tax return of your life.

The H&R Block DIY Online tax products are now available at hrblock.com and in the Apple and Google Play stores, and they generally cost at least $10 less than TurboTax®. For DIY filers who might have a trickier return and need extra help from a tax expert, H&R Block Online AssistSM is available in early January, offering unlimited, on-demand chat sessions with a highly trained H&R Block tax expert, IRS enrolled agent or CPA.

For those with less complex tax returns, H & R Block offers several commercial online tax products at competitive prices, including a free option, including H&R Block Free Online. This is perfect for people who have W-2 income, kids and rent, as well as students and first-time filers. H&R Block Free Online includes one free federal and state e-file, more free tax forms than TurboTax, an easy-to-use help center and free technical support via chat and phone.

“In a recent survey, we found 94% of DIY taxpayers want to save more money in 2020 than they have in 2019,” said Heather Watts, senior vice president and general manager of digital at H&R Block. “Choosing H&R Block Online is definitely a step in the right direction. People can save at least $10 by switching from TurboTax.”

For more complex filers, H&R Block offers the following online products:

Deluxe Online: great for homeowners, people who’ve made charitable donations and those with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs); includes six years’ access to tax returns, Deduction Pro® to optimize deductions, and chat support for technical questions.
Premium Online: great for freelancers, contractors, investors and rental property owners; includes all Deluxe features as well as the ability to import expenses from popular expense-tracking apps, and cost-basis calculation using our advanced filing calculators to help determine the cost basis of your home sale, dividend and gift and inheritance assets.
Self-Employed Online: great for self-employed individuals and small business owners with a home office and/or employees; includes all Premium features as well as an improved guided Schedule C interview to ensure a better experience for complex clients.

The best part about H & R Block online is you can get started without worrying about cost and if you need help you can always add the appropriate package and get pointed in the right direction. H&R Block DIY Online truly lives up to the name, you simply need to create an account and you will get taken through what is needed to complete your taxes step-by-step. With so many lifestyle changes and more and more people creating income through Uber, Lyft or AirBNB, there is a lot to know and things literally change every year. 

While tax season can be stressful and leave you with an uneasy feeling, H&R Block has several answers to alleviate your stress level. It doesn’t matter what level of income or financial situation that you are in, H&R Block has a tax return and assistance for any and every one.

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