Italian American Reconciliation Review – A New Kind Of Romance

Photo Credit: Ken Jacques Pictured: Lynnia Shanley (Janice), Marco Kengott (Huey)
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By Kathy Carpenter

Photo Credit: Ken Jacques
Pictured: John DeCarlo (Aldo)

Scripps Ranch Theater Presents John Patrick Shanley’s Italian American Reconciliation. An innovative romance perfect for a new age. Although written in the 1980’s the scope it takes is one in tune with today’s world. Charles Peter directs this slice of life dramedy of a man who finds himself in complete misery three years after his divorce from his wife. He has a new girlfriend who loves him, but he can’t move on. He needs closer, even though his wife shot his dog and shot at him, all he can think about is Janice his ex-wife.

Photo Credit: Ken Jacques
Marco Kengott (Huey), John DeCarlo (Aldo), Rhiannon McAfee (Aunt May)
Photo Credit: Ken Jacques
Pictured: John DeCarlo (Aldo), Marco Kengott (Huey)

Shanley was nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay for the 1987 romantic-comedy Moonstruck.
On stage he won four Tonys and the Pulizar Prize for Drama for Doubt:A Parable in 2005. Born in the Bronx, New York most of his acclaimed work is taken from his life. This is the case with Italian American Reconciliation. It takes place on a street in the Bronx.

Scripps Ranch Theater literally created that street. A big departure from their usual homes. A plain brick tenement lined street. With a fold out soup kitchen ran by the new girlfriend.

Photo Credit: Ken Jacques
Pictured: Gina Maria Cioffi (Teresa), Marco Kengott (Huey)

This is a slice of life story narrated by Aldo Scalicki, childhood friend to Hugo the man of misery. Aldo is a larger than life character who stands behind his friendship. John Decarlo, draws on the  passionate side of his Long Island roots to portray the expressive Aldo. Marco Kengott, is Hugo, the man in turmoil, and the quietest member of the strong characters in the show. We also have Gina Maria Cioffi, (she has to be Italian right?), as Teresa, equally as passionate as Aldo, she is Hugo, new girl, and deeply in Love. We have Teresa’s Aunt May played by Rhiannon McAfee. As a wonderful side character. Kind of a confidant for Teresa. At last, but not least the tumultuous wife Janice, also a childhood friend to Hugo and Aldo. Janice is played by Lynnia Shanley, (meant to be?) About Ms. Shanley, I think she did a tremendous job. Most of her time acting, and it was quite a bit of time  was spent on this tiny balcony. Not a lot of space to do her thing. A great cast for this character driven show.

Photo Credit: Ken Jacques
Pictured: John DeCarlo (Aldo), Lynnia Shanley (Janice)

Now that you know the players. Hugo, decides he wants to get back with Janice and enlists the help of Aldo. He wants Aldo to meet with Teresa to break up with her for Hugo, And, Janice to pave the way for him. Against his better judgement but in the name of friendship Aldo agrees. Let the dishes fly.Moral Love is always worth fighting for.

If you are hankering for something with fun characters and some laughs stop on by.

Italian American Reconciliation

Scripps Ranch Theater

Legler Benbough Theatre

Alliant International  University

Box Office 858.578.7728

Jan 17 thru Feb 16,2020

March 27  – April 25 , 2020

Love Song by John Kolvenback

A Romantic Comedy


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