7 Minute Techniques to Boost Energy Workshop – Double Tree Hotel Culver City to Host Clean Prana

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Clean Prana launches 7 Minute Techniques to Boost Energy Workshop on December 14, 2019 at Double Tree Hotel 6161 West Centinela Avenue, Culver City, California. The boost energy workshop to help release any tension, stress from work, burnout and any baggage that could create blockages in our system.

Ellen Morano, Founder of Clean Prana speaking at 7 Techniques Boost Energy Workshop

Ellen Morano, founder of Clean Prana is a certified Pranic Healer and instructor. She studied Pranic Healing 1993 with the Founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and continued her private practice in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties under US Pranic Healing Center and Master Stephen Co.

Suzy Gruzen, Therapist

Clean Prana’s vision is to share the benefits of energy healing that Ellen got miraculously healed of her Asthma as well as opening tremendous opportunities for success.

Dr. Ted Leonido-John, Psychiatrist

Three speakers will head off the workshop with Morano. Dr Ted Leonido-John, Psychiatrist, Dr. Nancy Gabaldon, Psychiactic Pharmacist and Suzy Gruzen, Therapist.

Dr. Nancy Gabaldon, Psychiatric Pharmacist

Blockages can be the cause of diseases both emotional and physical. The techniques are simple and easy to follow if done properly and will enhance good health, happiness, vitality and prosperity. At the end of the day you will feel RECHARGED! AND REVITALIZED!

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Photos provided by Clean Prana.

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