Another Roll Of The Dice Review – Runyon, Loesser, and Saltzman Team Up

Cast from left to right - Allison Spratt Pearce, Darrick Penny, Lance Carter, Sarah Errington, Elliot Lazar and Jason Maddy - photo by Aaron Rumley
Cast Darrick Penny Allison Spratt Pearce, Lance Carter, Jason Maddy, Sarah Errington and Elliot Lazar – photo by Aaron Rumley

By Kathy Carpenter

North County Repertory Theatre Presents The World Premiere of Another Roll Of The Dice – July 10 – August 11, 2019. Based on the book by Mark Saltzman, and Damon Runyon stories. With music and lyrics by Frank Loesser. ” Fresh new lighthearted mob mentality fun.” Opening night audience raved.

Elliot Lazar photo by Aaron Rumley

It turns out the Runyon estate reached out to Mark Saltzman to peruse their catalog. In so doing Saltzman wondered what would happen if he added Frank Loesser to the mix. Trifecta. Reaching out to the Loesser estate, they were eager to join but offered only the use of Franks pop songs. Those not written for Broadway.

Satlzman loved puzzles and this opportunity presented him with the challenge. Songs written for Broadway musicals are crafted to move a plot forward – pop songs are not. Creating a coherent vehicle to showcase the music and produce an engaging cohesive musical . Did he succeed where many have failed only time will tell?

Allison Spratt Pearce and Jason Maddy – photo by Aaron Rumley

Another Roll of the Dice tells four story in one. Narrated or I should say told by Zelma the waitress. The 30 characters played by six extremely talented actors, are each so different, and such a delight. Totally loveable.

Allison Spratt Pearce as Baseball Hattie photo by Aaron Rumley

The main overriding story takes place in Mindy’s Diner in Runyonland, New York. Where several mobster types gather to plan a heist. Since one is late Zelma has time to tell three other stories of good people tipping the scales to take a dip into the dark side. The first one of a nerdy guy who loves a gal who wants to break up. She says she wants a more dangerous type. The nerd goes to a club where he mixes with the unseemly type and takes on the role of a driver for a job, in order to study the lesser peeps.

The second story is about a guy who goes to a thief to have him steal back love letters from one woman to marry another.

The final story is Baseball Hattie. A woman so devoted to baseball she marries a pitcher, but in the end – well you’ll have to see the play to hear her tale.

John Maddy, Elliot Lazar, and Lance Carter – photo by Aaron Rumley

Larry Sousa directed four men and two women who tackle all the roles in the show. To say they are incredible is an understatement. The roles are so diverse you can’t even tell who is playing some of them. My mom thought there were at least four women. Sarah Errington, of whom I’m already a fan for her role of Sister Mary Roberts, from Sister Act at San Diego Musical theater. plays Zelma the waitress, storyteller and numerous others, she captivates you from the moment she wonders on stage. Lance Carter, Elliot Lazar, Jason Maddy, Allison Spratt Pearce, and Darrick Penny, round out the perfect cast for this world-class premiere

Elliot Lazar, Sarah Errington and John Maddy- photo by Aaron Rumley

Some of the 16 Frank Loeser songs included in the musical. It opens with “I Hear Music” and Ends with “Two Sleepy People.” Also, includes, .”The Boys in the Backroom.” “Heart and Soul,” and “Let’s get Lost.” The musis is fabulous and the orchestra flawless.

Allison Spratt Pearce and Elliot Lazar
photo by Aaron Rumlay

Come see the show and discover the next big Broadway hit.

North Coast Repertory Theater

Regional Theater Solana Beach, CA


Coming August 15 – 25, 2019

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