Shelita – The Indie Artist Making A Huge Splash In The World Of Music

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The essence of light and love, Shelita has just unveiled her new self-titled album, a unique collection of riveting, arousing, edgy and dynamic songs, with a hint haunting mystery, dedicated to the human spirit. 

Similar to her songs, Shelita touches the hearts of many and has become an influencer and an effective inspiration for the young masses. The tracks are genre bending with influences of pop and R&B and sonic electronic, yet gentle and thrilling at the same time. Whatever you care to label her music, Shelita shines as an authentic artist. I spoke with Shelita regarding the new release as well as her future intentions.

My favorite song on the album is “Power”, because it’s anthemic and powerful. What inspired “Power?”

So, on that particular song I wanted to basically dig inside of myself and create something that could be inspiring for what is happening right now in the world, and help raise peoples spirits, and remind people about humanity. It touches on how it’s a perception issue in terms of the way we are in the world and that gets solved through awareness and realizing that you do have the power. You just have to think about how you are perceiving things. When you feel powerless if you change your positionality it changes your perception of what’s going on. It also changes the outcome because we can’t control what happens to us but we can control the perception of what happens to us. We can control how we feel about that.

“Tango”….why “Tango?”

Why “Tango?” Traditionally in tango dancers the man are the leaders in terms of the actual dance. So, in this song “Tango”, the rules are reversed. When I say the rules are reversed it’s not about male and female or any kind of particular gender. It’s about changing the power dynamic. It’s not about gender per se, because I don’t think in terms of gender with those types of labels. I think in terms of energies and dynamics. In Tango it’s about shifting the power dynamic.

You had an interesting upbringing, do you think that had an effect or an influence on the way that you write songs?

I think my interpretation of reality affects how I write songs. I don’t really feel that my upbringing has affected my writing process. My surrounding circumstances have always been independent of my art, with the exception of the sounds that I hear. For example, if I hear a sound of cut grass, that’s an environmental sound that was basically injected by a human. That could influence a note or a melody. If I hear the sound of the wind moving its leaves then that’s another sound or another melody that I can hear and that could affect my writing process. But in terms of regular dynamics of people and circumstances as a child I would say I don’t really know if I am consciously aware of how that would have affected my writing process. 

What do you think makes your record different than any other record out there? It is very unique.

I think that I have unique things to say and I think that my voice is a unique way to say those things. I think it’s not just sounds that are different because it’s beyond sound. Mostly people think of music as a sound, as audio for the ears, but for me I think of sounds as an image. It’s not just sound, you can see things, and smell things, and visualize things. It’s a whole spectrum of the senses. What makes my record different is, you hear my records, especially this album, and it activates all other senses, beyond the normal 5 senses. There are like 6 senses or 10 senses. There are just levels and levels of senses that human beings can experience. 

If you could say something to the people that are going to hear this album, and love it, and appreciate it what about the album would you want them to know?

Well, this is a representation of what it means to hit every pore inside of your human existence, and wear it on your sleeve in a verbal way that invites you to be who you are. 

I know all artists view each song the write and pour their heart out is like their baby but are there any songs on the album that you prefer to sing, or are most proud?

I think that every single song on the album has a different emotion that it evokes. If you ask me this question and at different times in the day you will get a different answer. Right now my personal favorite is “Together” and “Power.” Then there is “Live”, I love that song too. 

Well it’s a great album.

Thank you. 

Are you already working on the next album?

I have the next album. There is definitely more. I’m always working on new music. I have albums, and albums, and albums. I will be doing this until I’m 95+ years old. 

Will you be touring in support of the album?

Yes. I am planning a tour right now. I’m still designing the tour and reaching out to places. I’m working on that at the moment.

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