National Beer Day

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The day to celebrate all that there is to love about beer is Sunday April 7th and that day is aptly named National Beer Day. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the many versions of an IPA that are out there, a hefeweizen, a lager or a stout, barrel aged or not, this is the day to enjoy at least one or two or more of your favorite beers.

Toasting Live from: Broxton | Co-Hosts The Stalking Horse – 6th & La Brea – Bluebird Brasserie

In honor of National Beer Day on April 7th, four favorite LA brewpubs are bringing #BeerGoals to life by celebrating with the world with the World’s Largest Virtual Beer Toast! BeerGoals is aiming to crack the Beer World Record for World’s Largest Beer Toast by getting as many people as possible from different parts of the country and world to toast at the same time. #BeerTheWorldTogether! Tune in to the Live Stream at Beer Goals on April 7th at 6PM PST/ 8PM Central / 9PM ET and beer drinkers far and wide can comment with a pic or video of their beer, representing their hometown & hometown beer! What local craft beer will you be toasting with the world? Beer Goals will be toasting live from Broxton in Westwood, with the Chi Beer Guy – live from Chicago –  join in and be part of beer history! LA beer lovers be sure to visit other brewery co-hosts on the day of the toast at: The Stalking Horse – 6th & La Brea – Bluebird Brasserie – Transplants Brewing Company

  • Spring Street Bar will feature $1 off pints of beer and any guests who buy a pint, get 20% off food.
  • California Sun will host happy hour all day, along with specials, featuring:
    • $1 off pints
    • $2 off New Original Breweries pints (pints brewed at Broxton, Bluebird Brasserie, 6th & La Brea, The Stalking Horse)
    • $1 off pie slices
    • $15 pitchers of New Original Breweries draft beers 
  • Mohawk Bend will host happy hour all day long!
    • $2 off menu price for all beers
    • $3-$8 snacks including Nachos, Garlic & Herb Pizza Dough Twists, Fried Chickpeas, Homemade Chips & Dips
    • $11 pizzas

Just in time for spring, San Diego-based Ballast Point, one of the nation’s leading craft breweries, releases new Ballast Point Lager, available now nationwide. Incredibly bright and refreshing, it’s the quintessential cooler beer for active adventures and leisurely days.

With an approachable 4.2% ABV, only 99 calories and 3.5g carbs1, Ballast Point Lager is fit for adventure. Easy drinking and crisp, this new craft lager still packs a ton of flavor, featuring a floral yeast character with notes of bread, pear and ripe banana. Served at the brewery’s tasting rooms since last year, the beer has been an instant hit, receiving standout taste test scores from both craft fans and casual beer drinkers. Inspired by nautical flags and sailing icons, Ballast Point Lager’s clean white packaging with crisp blue stripes matches the flavor profile while staying true to brewery’s nautical roots.

“We’re always developing new brews and wanted to bring beer drinkers a sessionable, low-calorie option they can enjoy on any occasion – from a day at the beach or the lake to their neighborhood bar while watching the game,” Ballast Point VP of Brewing James Murray said. “But make no mistake, this is not another ‘light’ beer. Ballast Point Lager boasts the high quality, innovation and flavor fans expect from us.”

Ballast Point has a culture of quality that extends from the selection of raw materials, brewing process to the finished product and beyond. The brewery ensures it delivers high-quality beer across the country by taking Ballast Point Lager through 300-plus quality touchpoints from grain to glass. The beer is made using a SMASH recipe (Single Malt and Single Hop) with 100 percent two-row barley from farms in the West and Northwest and a light touch of Apollo hops from Washington growers. The result is a clean, low-calorie lager that finishes dry and effervescent. To create the delicate water profile that allows the ingredients to shine, Ballast Point takes a portion of the beer’s water through a reverse-osmosis system at its facilities.

Innovation is part of Ballast Point’s DNA and the brewery makes more than 50 styles of beer. Ballast Point Lager fits the current trend among beer drinkers looking for moderation. In fact, the brewery’s research revealed two-thirds of consumers feel compelled to moderate their everyday habits, including watching calories.

Ballast Point Lager

Golden Road Brewing teamed up with the Los Angeles Dodgers to create the NEW Dodgers Blonde Ale (4.8% ABV). Brewed with Bravo and Cascade hops, the finished result is a deliciously crisp and smooth blonde ale that can be enjoyed by fans both inside and outside of Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers Blonde Ale is now available in 25oz cans at retailers across Los Angeles metro and Southern California and will be sold in Dodger Stadium beginning opening day. Fans can also stop by Golden Road’s pubs for a pint on tap. So while the Dodgers will be in Colorado on National Beer Day playing the Rockies, you can still enjoy the Dodgers Blonde Ale all over Los Angeles on game day.

Dodgers Blonde Ale

Four Corners Brewing Co. is coming to Southern California, expanding distribution of its flagship El Chingón IPA and new El Grito Lager. This introduction marks the first region outside of Texas where the award-winning craft brewery’s beers will be available.

Four Corners brings together the culture of craft brewing with Mexican-American bicultural heritage, creating flavorful, hand-crafted beers accompanied by vibrant, lotería-inspired branding. The brewery is perched at the intersection of the growing popularity of traditional Mexican import beers and the innovative nature of craft brewing. This blend results in a craft brewery with the ability to appeal to a wide range of culturally diverse beer drinkers.

Four Corners will launch in Southern California with two flagship offerings – El Chingón IPA and new El Grito Lager. Both are available now throughout Los Angeles and San Diego in colorful seis-packs, priced around $9.99 for El Chingón IPA and $8.99 for El Grito Lager. The beers will also be available on draft at popular bars and restaurants. The brewery plans to introduce more beers from its line-up to SoCal over time.

“There are many IPAs but only one is ‘El Chingón’,” said Esquivel. As the name indicates, the beer is aggressive with a chingón factor of 7.3% ABV and 72 IBU. The brew profile is malt forward balanced with a badass blend of American C hops. The label artwork of a big hop cone is a symbol of reverence to the West Coast-style IPA movement, which served as its inspiration.

Four Corners

On the lighter side, El Grito Lager is a perfect choice for sunny California weather. The beer balances a traditional pilsner malt with Huell Melon hops, which add hints of citrus notes and a slight floral aroma. At 4.4% ABV, El Grito Lager is a crisp, snappy, sessionable beer. On the label is a crowing rooster shouting, “rise & shine it’s puro party time!”

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