H & R Block DIY Review

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There is a reason that when tax season is upon us, the name H & R Block resonates with tax filers. Over 60 years in business and over 720 million tax returns prepared are just the beginning. H & R Block not only has a long history, but they also are ahead of the curve when it comes to changes to make sure you get your maximum return.

Tax returns are getting more complicated, that doesn’t mean that they need to get complicated for you. H&R Block Online DIY products take the difficulty out of doing your tax returns, regardless of your situation. In addition you can find the mobile tax prep app at hrblock.com, and in the Apple and Google Play stores. In addition it  is the only tax-filing app in the Amazon Fire Store.

To begin you your tax adventure, visit the H&R Block website and allow H&R Block to take it from there. You give them some basic information and they will give you personalized recommendations based on your tax situation. From that point on H&R Block makes sure you have the best tools and we keep you on track to make sure you finish your taxes. They offer information regarding tax law changes that affect you and new products and services that save you time and effort. They will also provide you timely reminders and alerts for your specific tax forms to make sure that you are not stressing out to finish your taxes at the last minute.

“The big topic related to taxes this year is tax reform. We have done a lot of research over the past year about tax reform. We have been working very closely with the IRS through the entire tax reform process and we are here to help people however they need it, whether it is DIY or coming into our retails offices or our blended products and having a tax pro assist them,”
said Eric Roebuck, digital product manager.

“We have H & R Block self-employed product for people in the GIG economy. This will help people determine what they can deduct. We also have a relationship with Uber that if you tell us you are an Uber driver, you can enter your credentials and we can go out and get your tax data from Uber. We also have a partnership with Stride, which offers expense tracking throughout the year,” said H & R Tax pro Eric.

H&R Block does have a return for everyone and amazingly for those of you with more simple returns. Forms 1040A and 1040EZ aren’t available to file your 2018 taxes. If you used one of those forms in the past, you will now file Form 1040. The Deluxe Online Tax Filing uses the DeductionPro® to optimize donations and gives you access to six years of prior tax returns as well as working with you if you have hobby income, all for a low fee. If you have investments a small business and need to be a little more detailed, the Premium Online Tax Filing is slightly more. Finally, the Self-Employed offers Business Booster™ to write off your startup costs and unlimited tax advice by chat. No matter what situation you are in, H&R Block has an affordable answer for you.

H&R Block starts by getting your tax information from the previous year and the great part is if you used another service, you can still upload the tax return right into H&R Block and they will transfer all of your information, saving all of that work and time.

Tax Pro Review is nearly a must for anyone with anything slightly out of the norm when it comes to a tax situation and even those who have a fairly normal and straightforward tax situation. Tax Pro allows you to do your own taxes but they will give it a thorough review to make sure you are filing your return accurately or maximizing your potential IRS refund. Tax Pro will also communicate on your schedule and you don’t have to worry about going into an office for a visit. H & R Block also keeps your return for up to six years along with any documents you upload.

The H&R Block DIY desktop software for tax season 2019 is available at not only hrblock.com, but also at various retail outlets nationwide. Key product features this year include “drag and drop,” making importing tax information easy from any source; industry-exclusive free help and in-person audit representation; and optional Tax Identity Shield® coverage.

While tax season can be stressful and leave you with an uneasy feeling, H&R Block has several answers to alleviate your stress level. It doesn’t matter what level of income or financial situation that you are in, H&R Block has a tax return and assistance for any and every one.

For more information, visit: H&R Block


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