Bristol Farms – Anything and Everything You Need For the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is about family, friends, celebrations and parties and whether you want to be the perfect host or bring that memorable and tasty gift, Bristol Farms has everything you could thing of and plenty of things you wish you had thought of.

Fresh fish

If you were thinking of throwing a party, hosting a dinner or just looking for a unique gift for one special person or the entire office, the aisles of Bristol Farms would suffice for all of the above. For the holiday season Bristol Farms has a concierge that can set up holiday dining and catering for you. They really take all of the work out of the holiday season, allowing you to just enjoy the experience while they take care of everything. It really as is simple as walking through the door of Bristol Farms and they are there to work with you and find out exactly what your needs are.

Charcuterie Party Planning (Courtesy Bristol Farms)

The meat section at Bristol Farms is not only breathtaking to look at with all of the amazing cuts, but the cuts area also the highest quality and the butchers are working all day to keep it that way. If you are looking for a holiday turkey, you won’t find anything that tastes better than the Bristol Farms air-chilled, non-GMO, free range turkeys that are hand selected from Mary’s farm in Central Valley of California. The beef is also of the highest quality with it being antibiotic and hormone free. If you are looking for something from the sea you can choose from wild-caught shrimp platters, dungeness crab or sushi platters just to get you started.

Prime Rib (Courtesy Bristol Farms)

If you are looking for a truly unique spirit, beer or wine, it is simply difficult to surpass the selection at Bristol Farms. The craft beer selection is truly amazing, showcasing some of the finest and not often seen beers not only from Southern California, but from across the United States. The wine selection is so wide-ranging you are just going to have to keep coming back to experience just a fraction of what they have to offer. Bristol Farms always tries to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends, bringing in products before most other stores. Whether it is the latest beer or bringing in a number of bottles of Japanese Whiskey, you are sure to find something unique on each visit.

Japanese Whiskey

If all of the many reasons listed were not enough to make you want to visit Bristol Farms, how about the fact that they are home to the best choclate chip cookie in SoCal. You have to start that ‘The Cookie’ is not only being made fresh throughout the day, but once it is taken out of the oven, it rests on a warming plate so no matter when you purchase it, you will get that warmth and melting chocolate chips in every bite. These are not your typical cookie in any way shape or form, it begins with Belgian chocolate chunk and toasted walnut and the cookie itself towers over every other chocolate chip cookie you have encountered in your life. If you want to be welcome at any party, bring dozen and you will be remembered.

The Cookie (Courtesy Bristol Farms)

When it comes to cheese and building a charcuterie board, you will run out of room on your board before you run out of cheese selections, as Bristol Farms has all of your favorites and then plenty more that you likely have never heard of but are worth a try. They also have one of best selections of honey and fresh jams as well as their latest product, jarred fruit that includes: peaches, baby beets and pears.

There is no question that the quality and the variety is as good as it gets at Bristol Farms, they are so much more. If you visit the Newport Beach location you will find store director Dave Favorite walking the aisles to not only make sure the store is running in peak form, but he is greeting customers as well as making sure that in addition to customers finding what they need, he helps them get what they can’t find. The staff is knowledgeable and will always go that extra mile even if that means going outside of the store to find a product. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Bristol Farms is the place for you.

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Sushi Platter (Courtesy Bristol Farms)


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