Asian Oasis Holidays Review- Unique, interacting travel adventures in Thailand -By Daniel Herron

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When visiting a destination as amazing as Thailand, Asian Oasis Holidays offers something special to your experience in three regions of the country. 

Day cruise on the Waters of Southern  Thailand 
  • Northern– The mystical and mountainous region around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. 
  • Central–  From Bangkok cruise up the Chao Praya River, on a teak wood boat, past the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya. 
  • Southern– sail and snorkel around the warm tropical islands of the south on Asian Oasis remodeled Thai boats. 

The Mystical North

mountains of the north
Soi Suthep Mountain Temple – Chiang Mai 

Tourist are attracted to the north because it is less populated than bustling Bangkok. The temperatures are a bit cooler and there are numerous eco-friendly activities around the lodges.

Lisu Lodge Chiang Mai 

Trek in lush forests to elephant farms, visiting the hill tribes people, known for their silver craftsmanship, or visit the organic Araksa Tea Garden. The world’s first recognized in Thailand. 

Trekking in the lush forests to elephant camps 
Interact with the gentle giants
Visit the Araksa organic tea garden 
Hill Tribes 
The hill tribe people
handmade hats & bags to bring home

The lodge Lanjai also serve as a gateway to the Mekong cruise to the world heritage site of Luang Prabang, Laos.

Lanjai Lodge 
Private rooms 
The Mekong Sun – Upper Mekong
learn to cook tasty Thai dishes

At the lodges you can learn how to cook traditional Thai dishes and know more about Thai culture. 

Central Thailand – River Cruises 

From Bangkok you can sail up the Chao Praya River on restored teakwood boats. The trip takes you past the ancient temples and ruins of Ayutthaya

Cruise past ancient ruins 
Ancient Temples of Ayutthaya, former capital of Thailand 

The Tropical South of Thailand

Beaches of the south
Krabi beaches 

Here is where a major of European come to escape the harsh winters back home. They find a nice beach resort, a lounge chair during the day to relax and catch some sun with a cool beverage of choice!  

relaxing day cruises 

Instead of cooking on the beach day after day,  how about some adventure, something different and exciting like cruising around the limestone cliffs on tropical waters, relaxing on a refurbished Thai sailing vessel.  like a “Pirates of the Caribbean get-a-way.” 

hidden bays
Snorkel or swim with the fish in emerald waters

You can relax on deck, enjoy chatting with friends or newly made friends, enjoy a Thai cuisine lunch and then jump in the warm waters for some snorkeling with the colorful tropical fish.

 Onboard at the end of the journey  you can enjoy a beautiful Thailand sunset. 

All in all it’s a great way to try something out of the norm, to go and experience, get involved and come back with some great memories and of course some amazing selfies to show family and friends! 

Article By Daniel Herron -Copyright 2018

Photography – Daniel Herron  – Asian Oasis Holidays Copyright 2018


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