“Inferno” Review – The McKittrick Masquerade

Photo taken by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist
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NYC nightlife is certainly overwhelming, let alone on Halloween. Allow this review to add to your list of MUST SEE NYC attractions: The McKittrick Masquerade: Inferno (530 W 27th Street, New York, NY)

An annual Halloween extravaganza, The McKittrick Masquerade: Inferno (“Inferno“) is three nights of costumed revelry complimented with deviant witchcraft and a lively ambiance. A grand ballroom marked by macabre mayhem and pulsating live entertainment all night long.

Photo by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist

The beauty of this extravaganza is its remarkable ability to cater to tastes of all NYC residents and tourists, united by a single goal of enjoying Halloweekend fueled by multiple music performances, sexy dancing, and free-flowing libations.

Guests are encouraged to dress as the darkest deviants of the night, with some of the most elaborate costumes I have seen at any NYC Halloween event. Several rooms full of diverse entertainment are open, and guests are encouraged to explore multiple floors of unlocked rooms with surprises lurking each turn.

Photo by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist

The night begins with remarkable performances in each room where guests can enjoy great music and an open bar. Guests are exposed to the true creativity of NYC with the plethora of costumes its attendees have to offer.

Photo by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist

After the first half hour, guests are led into the main ballroom, where they are greeted by an electric, interactive performance that takes place right in the heart of the dance floor. Embrace the experience of elaborate costumes by staff with highly talented dance skills and theatrical performances. At the sound of a confetti gun, the true party begins, where the entire party begins to dance the night away.

Photo by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist

The theme of this event is inspired by the mysterious and dark world of Sleep No More, the theatrical experience that conveys Shakespeare’s Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens. Sleep No More is about the audience, allowing them to move freely through the story at their own pace to ensure everyone has a unique and memorable experience.

What struck me as the “edge” of this event as opposed to others is the ability to make what you want out of your night without restriction. You can dance all night long in the grand ballroom, enjoy great drinks while listening to performances, or simply roam free and mingle with other. The freedom to do what you want is what makes this event appeal to a diverse audience united by a single theme: the spooky nature of Halloween.

Photo by Bryan Baratian, Splash Journalist

The restriction of space in NYC, either at a bar or a club, usually results in staying in an overcrowded place while stuck in isolation. With the exception of the friends you bring, socializing becomes an arduous task. However, at Inferno, the free-flowing nature and the power of choice allow you to define your Halloween experience, whether you are alone or with friends. This is extremely difficult to encounter, and it is why I highly recommend attending Inferno for a night of haunted revelry and a great time.

Tickets for Sleep No More & Inferno can be purchased here


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