Richard Blais and Greg Ito Create Pure Palatable Art at ArtCubed LA’s ArtXFood

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, thanks to RichardBlais and Greg Ito it’s taken on a whole new meaning. For the next few weeks Art will meet Food at the ArtCubedLA event, ArtXFood!

The immersive culinary experience is a month-long pop-up which will be held at Goya Studios! LA based artist, Greg Ito and Chef Richard Blais paired up to create a transformative exhibition that attendees can see, feel, and taste! Hallowed Ground serves as the backdrop for the art exhibition and the unique 4-coure culinary experience.

Richard Blais, the successful chef most widely known as a recurring judge on Bravo’s Top Chef and winner of Top Chef All-Stars! It’s Blais’ innovative approach to creating well-curated dishes without breaking the bank and all of course highlighting locally sourced items.

“The dinner is all based on inspiration from his images. The theme is sort of,’ everything is not what it seems’ and you see a lot of that in Greg’s work. There is a lot of romantic tension in his work,” states Blais. “I’ve become a restaurant tour and lost that part of me and sort of don’t give a shit, it’s all about the experience and I want people to eat delicious food. This has been liberating, to create a menu and have people have a good time while eating delicious food.”

Blais also shared that his secret to staying innovative is to “not to think too much about what other people are doing,” and we couldn’t agree more! Blais continues to impress and grow his fan base with consistently bringing something new to the table. In just a few months, June/July to be exact, we can expect his next venture, ‘Crack Shack’ to open.

As for the space itself, ArtCubed LA beams pink hues with installations similar to a questionable romance, tons of over the top neon pops and ‘punny’ play on words that will trigger your childhood narratives in what could easily be described as a scene from the a childhood favorite, ‘Alice in Wonderland!’ From entering the space attendees are treated to a cocktail hour and plenty of time to take in the artwork while working up a curious appetite as it translates to your plate. The dinner setting is intimate. The structure houses a whooping 56 seats, complete with a long family style tables as well as 4-seaters and 2-seaters around the corners of the room.

Once again ArtCubed has raised the bar and creating fresh perspectives on making and appreciating art! ArtXFood is a must for Angelenos and visitors alike. It’s a nice unique invigorating break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The event goes until June 3rd with two seatings nightly, 6:30PM and 8:30PM. Grab your tickets HERE save 10% by entering the code EATART at checkout!


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