Beer of the Month – Aloha Sculpin IPA (Ballast Point)

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Finding an IPA that goes along with the warmer days that are approaching fast can be a challenge. Leave it to Ballast Point to bring in a unique yeast, Brux Trois, which amazingly gives their new Aloha Sculpin IPA that gives you the aromas and flavors of guava, mango, and pineapple without adding any actual fruit.

Brux Trois is a uniquely developed Belgian yeast strain and while that might be worthwhile knowledge for the hardcore beer connoisseur, for the rest of us who simply love a hoppy IPA with a twist, the Aloha Sculpin IPA is just that. If you are looking for all of the flavor of an IPA to go along with a summertime feel that is perfect for a picnic or a baseball game, the Aloha Sculpin IPA is perfect for any day under the sun. This is a beer that you want to take advantage of the all of the robust flavors and aromas by enjoying wonderful scent and then drinking it slowly to let the wide array of flavors hit your taste buds and you won’t confuse this with any fruity beer, the hoppiness is still king with this IPA.

Aloha Sculpin IPA (Courtesy Ballast Point)

“This strain is a bit finicky,” said Lauren Zeidler, director of quality at Ballast Point. “It’s very particular about what it likes and doesn’t, so we had to get to know its preferences and adjust accordingly. It was a unique challenge, but it made the brewing and batch scaling even more of a satisfying accomplishment.”

The original Sculpin IPA launched in 2005 and has really come to define the west coast-style IPA. It has won countless awards including winning gold medals at the World Beer Cup (2010, 2014) and European Beer Star (2010, 2011). Sculpin also expanded to include Grapefruit, Pineapple, Habanero, Unfiltered and not the perfect summer IPA, Aloha Sculpin.

For more information, visit: Ballast Point

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