Warp + Weft Denim – Creating Luxury Denim From the Basics

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Warp + Weft – the denim brand you never knew you needed! Courtesy Photo

Is it me or is putting on a pair of jeans your least favorite part of the day? Doing lunges around my room while I try to fit into a pair of jeans, that happen to feel like sand paper mind you, is not the way I want to start my day. However, luxury denim brand Warp + Weft is changing the game – entirely!

Founded by Sarah Ahmed, creative director of DL 1961, Warp+Weft has been making waves since its launch last year. It’s a luxury line of premium denim without the heavy price-tag. What makes this brand truly unique is how each item is designed with YOU in mind. The jeans move with you, hugs your curves in all the right places AND stays in place, while remaining to be super soft – and fit like a DREAM!

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From skinny jeans, culottes, to jumpsuits Warp+Weft has a variety of styles in a variety of hues for both men and women!

The name alone speaks for itself as the brand prides itself on starting from the basics. “Warp and Weft” is simply the practice used to weave fabric together, any true fashionista would marvel at the genius idea of founding the brand upon well-known verbiage in the fashion realm. From production to price to sizing and design, Warp + Weft leaves no stone untouched.

The only denim company with YOU in mind! Courtesy Photo

Ranging from size 0–24 for women and 28–40 for men, is the epitome of inclusivity. By weaving its own denim, the brand promises to deliver the best fit and value – no matter your size. They’re simply changing the status quo and it’ll change the way you think about jeans.  Warp + Weft is the charismatic pair of jeans you never knew you needed, but can no longer live without!


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