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Orphans of the Storm
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Orphans of the Storm, one of Illinois’ most respected animal shelters, broke all previous adoption records in 2017 by finding loving homes for 1,583 dogs and 1,086 cats. Between its two primary locations, as well as satellite locations and off-site adoption events, the grand total of adoptions surpassed 2016 totals by 142 dogs and 88 cats. The month of August was particularly successful, with 204 homes found for dogs and 145 homes found for cats.

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This animal shelter has taken its mission to take responsibility for each and every orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected dog and cat that reaches its doors to previously unattained levels in 2017. Over the course of the shelter’s 90-year history, beginning in 1928, more than 120,000 pets have become beloved additions to families.

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“We are overjoyed and grateful for the support the community has offered our shelter by providing loving homes to the cats and dogs that are brought to us. As we embark on our 90th anniversary, we are determined to continue to create happy lives for our animals and their owners,” said Gail Donahue, Shelter Administrator.


Orphans of the Storm’s main shelter is in Riverwoods, near Deerfield. In May of 2016, Orphans of the Storm expanded to Highland Park with their store-front location.  The shelter provides exceptional shelter, nutrition and medical care for each furry friend it takes in.


About Orphans of the Storm

Orphans of the Storm®, a longstanding animal shelter in Chicago’s northern suburbs, takes responsibility and helps to find a home for every cat and dog that reaches its doors. A verdant country refuge, Orphans of the Storm has provided exceptional shelter, nutrition and medical care for orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected cats and dogs since 1928. Over the course of the shelter’s almost 90-year history, more than 120,000 pets have found new homes as loving and beloved additions to families.

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At any given time, visitors to Orphans of the Storm’s beautiful, woodland facility in Riverwoods can choose from 400 healthy, affectionate and faithful animals who would be their companion for life. At Orphans of the Storm, animals enjoy exercise areas and acres of land for daily exercise under the caring attention of our staff and a dedicated army of volunteers. The Shelter’s mission is that no dog or cat is ever without a loving home. We always strive to make the lives of our animals and our community better, one happy ending at a time. Come to Orphans of the Storm, where you will not just adopt a pet, but a “friend for life.”

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Orphans of the Storm is located at 2200 Riverwoods Road in Riverwoods, just west of Deerfield. The satellite location is located at 468 Central Avenue in downtown Highland Park. Animals may be adopted any day 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 360 days per year; no appointment is necessary. Orphans of the Storm is a not-for-profit, non-government subsidized, section 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, visit orphansofthestorm.org or call 847-945-0235.

Photos: Courtesy of Orphans of the Storm

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