“Dancing For Dollars” Review – A Story of Empowerment, Inspiration and Triumph!

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What do Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lady Gaga, Anna Nicole Smith, Courtney Love, Amber Rose, to name a few, all have in common?  Before they were famous, they were strippers – dancing for dollars.  Academy Award-winning Screenwriter Diablo Cody (“Juno”) says, “It’s no secret that I was once a Minneapolis strip club dancer.  Hell, I still go by my stage name and I’m not the least bit ashamed.”
Author Victoria Howard

“Dancing For Dollars” has taken social media sites by storm.  Within two weeks, the numbers have soared to hundreds of thousands of impressions   “Strippers are human beings yet, all over the world, they are subjected to the worst sexual harassment imaginable,” says accomplished author, Victoria Howard.  “You’ve seen exotic dancers in movies and television shows —usually they’re depicted as degraded, down on their luck, stuck in an abusive relationship, and just possibly in possession of a heart of gold. The stereotypes about sex workers and strippers are entrenched in our culture, and they can make it hard to see the reality behind images of thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings,” adds Howard.



“Dancing For Dollars” introduces you to four extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds who meet at an upscale Gentleman’s Club in South Florida.  There’s Mika, a beautiful, young Geisha who was ostracized from her home and country because her family did not believe her rape accusations; Francesca, the good Italian Catholic girl who gets pregnant in high school and is forced to give up her baby; Bella, the brilliant Swedish student, kicked out of her home and University for having an affair with her female professor; and the gorgeous Abigail who suffered great mental and physical abuse because she was born an hermaphrodite.  Go behind the curtains and meet the Johns, the junkies, the rich & powerful through the eyes of Francesca, Mika, Bella & Abigail.  Survival is the name of the game and these girls know how to win!



“These characters are relatable, inspirational and empowering.  Mika eventually becomes THE Madam to the Rich & Famous; Bella opens the #1 modeling agency in Manhattan; Francesca becomes Hollywood’s newest sex symbol and marries a producer and Abigail – well, you’ll have to read the book!” laughs Howard.


This novel tells the story of four women that come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, who meet at an upscale gentleman’s club in South Florida and develop a strong friendship. Along the way, “Dancing for Dollars” presents to the reader the exciting and dangerous world of exotic dancers, modeling, Hollywood, and hermaphrodites. Readers are likely to find this book reminds them of a modern day Valley Of The Dolls, a little bit of Fifty Shades of Grey and Magical Mike.


This is a story of triumph and empowerment.  It’s timely and it’s today.

Striptease is no longer an art form.  It has evolved into one of the final resting grounds for legal sexual harassment.

“Dancing For Dollars” is available on Amazon for $20.99 and Kindle for $3.99. To purchase, please visit: Dancing For Dollars


Photos: Courtesy of Author Victoria Howard


  1. I couldn’t put Dancing for Dollars down! I have followed Ms. Howard’s work, & she is such a seasoned professional and DFD is no exception! It exemplifies excitement, passion, danger, while holding my interest throughout.. I ordered 3 more copies as Christmas gifts! Can’t wait for the follow up!!Kuddos to Ms. Howard on another masterpiece!

  2. I loved Dancing for Dollars so much I have ordered 3 books as Christmas gifts! I am a huge fan of Ms. Howard’s work, and feel she is one of the most seasoned and wonderful authors of our time.
    Dancing for Dollars is great reading. I couldn’t put the book down..Another masterpiece!

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