Mr. Chow Las Vegas Restaurant Review – The Quintessential Fine Dining Experience

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A short elevator ride at Caesars Palace is well worth this trip: as the doors open, you are immediately greeted with a little bit of Las Vegas heaven, better known as Mr. Chow. If you are looking to epitomize fine dining and combine that with unparalleled service, this is the restaurant that will literally leave you with such high standards that you will compare all others against it.

View from MR. CHOW (Photo Courtesy Caesars)

Mr. Chow is simply one of the most iconic names in the restaurant world, and after experiencing it one time, you will know why. A beautiful white setting with a stunning blue carpet that will keep your attention (until you notice the moon-shaped piece on the ceiling), Mr. Chow’s has created a setting that is beyond elegant. To match the setting is a team of servers that will literally guide you through the menu, and, at their suggestion once they know your likes and dislikes, they will make what are almost always flawless choices for your experience.

Glazed prawns with walnuts

Duck served tableside

Why is there no mention of the food until now? Mr. Chow is one of those rare restaurants that, while preparing amazing food, the experience itself is just as amazing, and combining both makes this restaurant a true treat. When it comes to the menu, there is no other place to begin with than the Beijing Duck. Duck is one of the most delicate meats to prepare, and more often than not when you order it you are going to get something far less than perfect. This is not the case at Mr. Chow; they have this down to a tried and true recipe that will leave you with duck perfection every time. The process begins two days in advance, and the duck is brought to a slightly crispy skin and incredibly moist interior with a 40 minute baking prior to being carved tableside. Mr. Chow does not skimp on the duck, and there is plenty to go around, so they do require at least a group of three to order the duck. Even with that many people, you’re going to struggle to finish it. Once it is so elegantly carved and served you can you enjoy this mouthwatering duck by wrapping it with the light, house-made pancakes, and completing the taco-like delicacy by topping it off with cucumbers, scallions and the rich hoisin sauce. You can also order a whole fish depending upon what is in season that will be served tableside for parties of three or more.

Chicken Satay (Photo Courtesy Caesars)

The best part about ordering the duck and the 40 minutes that it takes to perfect it is that it gives you plenty of time to sample other items on the menu. Prawns are certainly a focal point of the Mr. Chow menu, and there are two fabulous varieties to choose from. You can go with the supremely unique green prawns or the glazed prawns with walnuts, and you certainly can’t go wrong with either one. Both begin with beautifully prepared prawns, tender and fresh. The green version gets its vibrant color from a spinach puree, but the prawns with a little garlic are what make this dish really stand alone, and it doesn’t need much to be flavorful. The glazed prawns give you a nice hint of sweetness, and a great batter that is accompanied with a spicy sauce to give you a trifecta of flavor profiles. Another classic at Mr. Chow is the chicken satay, which is thinly sliced chicken breast marinated in beet and carrot juice, giving it a slight red hue while absorbing both flavors.

When you are first seated at Mr. Chow you are greeted by the Mr. Chow’s Champagne Cart. The cart is full of champagnes that will leave the rest of Las Vegas jealous. Even if you love champagne, you simply must venture into one of the most supreme mixology programs in all of Las Vegas. You can find a perfectly prepared lychee martini or venture over to the wonderfully unique Mr. Chow Jade Rabbit, which features whiskey, green apple Yuzu and green tea, and house-made ginger syrup. The Mr. Chow Spritzer is one of the best cocktails you will ever taste. This brings together everything you would want in a cocktail, balanced, complex and absolutely a memorable drink, with so many layers your taste buds will be left buzzing. You are going to find Belvedere Vodka, house-made mint syrup and blueberry puree, topped off with sparkling sake, Moet and Chandon. This has a true classic cocktail feel, and somehow you get a sense of every flavor that makes up the amazing concoction.

If dinner sounds a little overwhelming but you still want to experience all that is Mr. Chow, they are now offering Social Hour every day of the week from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can enjoy half-off all drinks, including signature favorites like the 50/50 made with Martell XO Cognac, Thatchers Yumberry Liqueur, red shiso syrup and fresh yuzu juice, or the Inception, made with lychee essence and topped with Moët & Chandon. To go along with your favorite cocktail, you can get a sense of the Mr. Chow menu with a selection of Chow Bites that are available during Social Hour. These include: Petite Chicken Satay, Shrimp Rolls, Mini Ribs, Glazed Prawns, just to name a few. You can also enjoy Social Hour on the patio, which overlooks the stunning Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, making it the picture perfect place to socialize and sip on handcrafted cocktails any day of the week.

MR. CHOW Bar (Photo Courtesy Caesars)

With all of the unique and incredible dining spots that are available in Las Vegas, Mr. Chow would certainly have to be near the top of the list of must visit destinations. Mr. Chow is one restaurant that lives up to the fanfare, and will provide you with an experience from the moment you walk in the door until you take the elevator back to the real world that will live with you long after you leave Las Vegas.

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